Introducing Pillbie, a perfect solution for anyone who struggles with remembering their daily medications

Designed with precision and convenience in mind, it tracks users interactions to ensure they follow their therapy

With one medication per compartment, the dispenser is easy to fill and prevents from mixing the doses

Pillbie's light and sound nudges provide an extra reminder to take your medications

A dispenser that makes sure your pills are stored and dosed properly

Pillbie app screens mockup for features
Say goodbye to missed doses and scattered med boxes all over your home!

Tracking icon

Smart medication tracking to ensure you take the right pills at the right time

Reminders icon

Light and sound reminders to take medication

Compartments iconIndividual compartments for each medication to prevent mix-ups

Dispenser icon
Stylish and sleek design of the portable dispenser

Cloud-based data iconConnected to the cloud database via WiFi or bluetooth

Adherence reports iconCreate and share adherence reports that you can share with your caretakers and loved ones

Dosage icon
Suggested dosage based on condition and user history

Refill icon

Refill reminders and unwanted side-effects warnings

Notifications icon

Notifications through the most popular messaging platforms

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